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We’ve just got back from a wonderful family holiday at Disneyland Paris, which was absolutely fabulous! It was my son’s first visit and he adored every moment of it. Visiting during the Halloween season was new for me too, it was great to see all the villains and decorations.

I’ve been submitting a lot more shorts recently after discovering The Submission Grinder, which is really an invaluable tool. Getting the submissions going again has really put me in the mood to write up some of my new ideas and I’m thinking of writing a new spooky short given that it’s Halloween in just a few days. There is a whole slew of great new games coming out to play, so I really should make the most of my motivation to write while I have it, because I know at least one of those games will distract me (Planet Zoo, I’m talking about you).

Obviously, NaNoWriMo is starting soon too and I really want to dedicate some time towards that too! Hopefully, November will be a really productive month for me.

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