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I picked up this book the other day, but haven’t had the time to post about it yet. As soon as I saw the illustration on the spine I was drawn to it. Titled Masterpiece of Thrills, this book contains a collection of sixty dark short stories by various authors and thirty illustrations. Although it isn’t dated, searching on the internet leads me to believe it was published in 1936.

The book itself isn’t in great condition; the cover is torn and discoloured and there are pen marks both on the cover and on some of the pages. There is foxing throughout the book and the spine is rather on the fragile side on the inside, threatening to come loose at any point that you open the book too wide. However, the book is still very readable as long as you’re not too reckless with it.

It only cost me £3, which considering the size and age of the book, I thought was pretty reasonable. The black and white illustrations inside are of a really interesting style, and of course, of a grim nature to suit the stories told.

At the rate at which I’m buying books, I’m going to have to invest in a new bookcase! When they are such lovely and intriguing finds though, I’d rather get them than not and regret it later.


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