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It feels as though I’ve browsed through just about every local charity shop this week. Yesterday, I managed to pick up a few more books, including two worthy of mention. I am a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, and so I was really pleased to find the following:

A 1974 Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney Classic picture book with gorgeous vintage artwork. This beautiful book only cost £1.49, and in actual fact all the children’s books were three for the price of two, so I had an even better bargain with my overall haul. It’s in great condition and I really do adore the artwork style inside.

Secondly, I found this 1950 copy of Through the Looking Glass. The cover is a little warped and it has water marks on the back, but the pages inside are still in good condition and so its nice to flick through and see the John Tenniel illustrations. This one cost me £2.99, but considering I misread the pencil marking and thought it was £9.99, I was pleasantly surprised at the till!

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