Meg Pelliccio Writing Competitions Adult Fairy Tale Short Story Competition

Adult Fairy Tale Short Story Competition

Illustration from “The Tinderbox” by H. J. Ford, The Yellow Fairy Book.

Writing Magazine is currently hosting an adult fairy tale short story competition! It can either be a reimagining of an old classic or completely original, as the competition states that the fairy tale theme is “fairly loose, admittedly“.

Word count must be between 1,500-1,700 words and the closing date is 15 October, 2018. Full rules, eligibility and entry form can be found at Writers Online. Entry fee is £6 (or £4 if you’re a subscriber to the magazine).

I’ve recently been writing different short stories based on fairy tales and folklore, so I thought this was perfect! But then I realised that the word count was way under what any of my recent shorts come in at… so it’s time to write a new one! Luckily, I already had a fitting idea lined up for my next short. I’ll just have to make sure I come in under the word limit to ensure it’s eligible for this lovely little competition.