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Monthly Open-theme Short Story Competitions

Illustration by H. Stratton, from Songs for Little People.

If, like me, you’re currently looking to get your short stories published – here is a great opportunity. Writers’ Forum magazine runs a short story competition every month, with all types of stories welcome. Winners not only see their stories published, but first prize is £300, second prize £150, and lastly, third prize is £100. Short stories entered must be between 1000 and 3000 words. The entry fee is £6, or £3 if you’re a subscriber to the magazine. It’s a rolling competition, so if your submission happens to be too late, they will simply enter it into the following month’s competition. Anyone can enter as it’s a worldwide competition, but entries must be in English. Full terms and conditions and how to enter can be found on their website.

Additionally, for a further £5, you can receive feedback on your submitted story. You can also allow your entry to be used in a free workshop where, if used, it will be featured in Writers’ Forum. These examples are used to show readers how to improve their writing. All you need to do is state that you are happy for your entry to be used in your submission.

I like this competition for a few reasons: it’s monthly, so you can really get your creative juices flowing on a regular basis; it’s open-themed, so no restrictions there; the word count is quite generous.

If you’re looking for other short story competitions, there is the adult fairy tale short story competition by Writing Magazine, which closes on October 15th, 2018.