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September Update

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It’s Autumn Already?!

I meant to update sooner, but life has been super hectic and busy! Now that September has arrived, my son is now back at school! Although it was a bit unnerving for him at first, he seems to be settling in well now (which is a relief).

My new job is going really well and I am loving every minute of it. I can’t believe it’s been over a month already! Because of the company’s many, many clients, the work is so varied and interesting. It really gives me an opportunity to challenge myself and learn new skills, and the team is super awesome too. I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed when I was let go earlier in the year due to Covid-19. However, that cheesy saying of “everything happens for a reason” seems to be true as my new role seems absolutely perfect.

I was really sad to hear that my previous employer has done even more redundancies recently. I do understand it, especially with the furlough scheme due to end soon… A lot of companies won’t be able to afford to keep staff on, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. I hope those who were affected manage to find new positions soon.


In writing news, I’ve been revising Vulpini and aiming to cut it down to under 100k. I’ve always found it really hard to be ruthless with my own work, but this time I just bit the bullet and starting deleting bits. So far, I’ve removed about 6k words. After I’ve revised it, I’m going to take a look at my query again and then start submitting again. I also keep meaning to submit more short stories again, as well as get around to writing some new ideas I have… I keep meaning to write down my targets more often about what I want to achieve week to week to ensure I get stuff done.


Gaming wise, I recently discovered the joys of Root! I am obsessed with this game! If you loved Armello – you’ll love this! I also picked up Nexomon recently, but I honestly haven’t given it much of my time yet and I really should.