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Strange times we’re living in

It’s hard to believe that just under two months ago 2020 felt like it was the best year ever (for me personally), everything was coming together and I was feeling so positive.. then all of this madness hit. It’s still so surreal that all of it is happening.

Like most, the Corona virus has turned my life upside down: my husband and I are currently working from home, my son is off school for the foreseeable and regrettably my job is at risk. I worry on a day to day basis about the health of my loved ones. The above Tolkien quote never seemed so apt before. Staying inside isn’t bothering us too much, we all tend to the introvert side and we have plenty to keep us busy.

Despite having more time on my hands, I’m finding it very difficult to scrape together any motivation to get any creative writing done at the moment. These are just such depressing times that I’ve lost all of my “get up and go” enthusiasm. Hopefully that will change soon.

Please stay safe everyone and please take social distancing seriously.