Meg Pelliccio Writing Two New Short Stories Now Live!

Two New Short Stories Now Live!

I’ve been a bit busy writing articles lately, so I would have posted this news sooner but here goes – two of my short stories were published in the last few days by two different sites!

You can find my short story The Collector over at Burial Day Books, it tells the story of a ghoul chasing down his victim. This was an idea that I had and made the first draft of back when I was at university. It was a story that always stayed with me and so I recently edited it and now it’s available to read.

For something else in the realms of darkness and folklore, you can check out my story Huldufólk over at Mookychick! This story is based on Icelandic folklore, focusing in particular on the elves who are believed to reside in rocks there. To this day there are superstitions about these faery-folk causing disruptions on construction sites when people attempt to clear away the earth that they call home.

I hope you are all well!

The featured image is of Hildur, the Queen of the Elves, and was included in the 1864 book titled Icelandic Legends.